New ERP-Platform

Implementation of New ERP-Platform - 02.10.2017 


Dear Business Partner,


We would like to inform you that BROEN-LAB, as part of our continued strive to improve customer services and business operations will be upgrading our ERP-Platform Monday 02.10.2017.


Despite the fact that we have been working and planning this for months and months, and despite the fact that we do not foresee any major problems or issues in relation with this transition, then we know how things have a tendency to “go south” during such a crucial time. This means that even small problems can create delays in our order processing, production and logistics and we do not want you to be affected by this.


We therefore inform you, as one of our valued and trusted business partners, about this upcoming upgrade of ERP-platform, so that you have the possibility to plan ahead and perhaps order a couple of weeks worth of products in order to be on the safe side. This means that in case you know that delivery of goods from BROEN-LAB is required in week 40 and/or 41, then we will recommend you order that prior to this period in order to avoid problems that can be critical for your activities.


We thank you for your cooperation and understanding and please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you might have.


Thank you and best regards,




Jesper Torp