Technical 4.0 gases / Oxygen

BROEN-LAB offers fittings for technical gases of purity 4.0 corresponding to 99,99% clean gas, i.e. Nitrogen, Helium, Argon and similar non-burning, non-corrosive, non-toxic 4.0 gases where higher degree of cleanliness is required.

The design and manufacturing process are adapted for use with Oxygen service, meaning that the presence of mineral oil and grease is minimized. Fittings are available in many standard configurations covering most requirements of the modern laboratory. For a complete product range please refer to the catalogue below.

If you need fittings for gases of purity 4.0/Oxygen with a pressure regulator then please refer to our Cleanline range.


Download documents
99B0107 - BROEN-LAB Quick Connect BASIC
99B0063 - BROEN-LAB UniFlex Fittings for 4_0 gases and Oxygen-PREMIUM
99B0064 - BROEN-LAB UniFlex Fittings for 4_0 gases and Oxygen-BASIC