Technical 2.0 gases / Vacuum


BROEN-LAB offers BROEN-LAB UniFlex™ fittings for non-burning gases of purity 2.0 corresponding to 99% clean gas, i.e. Compressed Air, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon and similar non-burning, non-corrosive, non-toxic 2.0 gases. 

Furthermore the fittings can be used for vacuum applications. For this purpose we recommend using a special high flow headwork.

BROEN-LAB UniFlex™ fittings for non-burning 2.0 gases/vacuum are available in PREMIUM and BASIC lines. BROEN-LAB UniFlex™ PREMIUM fittings are delivered with the integrated BALLOFIX® valve, a metal handle and hose nozzle, while BROEN-LAB UniFlex™ BASIC fittings are delivered with a plastic handle and hose nozzle. Both ranges are available in many standard configurations covering most requirements of the modern laboratory.


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99B0107 - BROEN-LAB Quick Connect BASIC
99B0060 - BROEN-LAB UniFlex Fittings for 2_0 Non-Burning Gases and Vacuum - BASIC
99B0057 - BROEN-LAB UniFLex Fittings for Non-Burning 2_0 Gases and Vacuum - PREMIUM