Front control valves and outlets

BROEN-LAB UniFlex™ is a solution package to fulfill the requirements of the ever changing and demanding laboratory environment. It includes a wide range of valves, outlets, fittings and hoses for different media and applications, a perfect combination that ensures long service life and low maintenance costs. 

The heart of BROEN-LAB UniFlex™ is a unique and patented connection, which allows customers to choose from various connection methods, such as hoses, Cu, PEX or stainless steel pipes, without changing the valve itself. It provides unique flexibility, not only for an installer but for the end-user as well.

BROEN-LAB UniFlex™ is the right choice when there is a need to adapt to external changes such as furniture design, trends, technical requirements, directives, etc.

You can find more information about BROEN-LAB UniFlex™ Front Control Valves and Oulets in the catalogues below.

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99B0040 - BROEN-LAB UniFlex Front Control Valves and Outlets-PREMIUM
99B0056 - BROEN-LAB UniFlex Front Control Valves and Outlets-BASIC