Special water


Water for most laboratory applications is usually purified from drinking water. BROEN-LAB offers fittings that can be used for demineralized, distilled or deionized water as well as other special water sorts and brine. The most commonly used materials in BROEN-LAB's special water fittings are:

- SS (stainless steel)
- PDVF (polyvinylidenefluoride)
- PP and PP-n (polypropylene and polypropylene natural)
- POM (polyacetal)
- LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene)

BROEN-LAB is also a supplier of recirculating fittings for special water. These fittings prevent stagnant water and ensure a high level of media device. See more information about BROEN-LAB fittings for special water in the catalogue below.

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99B0049 - BROEN-LAB UniFlex Fittings for Special Water-PREMIUM
99B0058 - BROEN-LAB UniFlex Fittings for Special Water - BASIC