Burning gases


BROEN-LAB offers fittings for burning gases that can be used for natural, town and low pressure bottle gases. Dry service valves can be delivered in many standard configurations covering most requirements by a modern laboratory.

BROEN-LAB UniFlexTM Fittings for Burning Gases
BROEN-LAB UniFlexTM Fittings for burnig gases offer a very high quality and durability combined with the complete program, which adds up to low LCC (Life Cycle Costs). BROEN-LAB UniFlexTM Fittings for burning gases are available in PREMIUM and BASIC lines.

BROEN-LAB Lift/turn fittings
BROEN-LAB Lift/turn fittings are designed for applications where a more simple, but robust valve is desired as well as where larger quantites are wanted (i.e. at schools). BROEN-LAB Lift/turn fittings are delivered with a "lift/turn" safety handle.

Download documents
99B0047 - BROEN-LAB UniFlex Lift_Turn Fittings
99B0061 - BROEN-LAB UniFlex Fittings for Burning Gases-PREMIUM
99B0062 - BROEN-LAB UniFlex Fittings for Burning Gases - BASIC