BROE-LAB UniFlex Accessories


BROEN-LAB UniFlex™ includes a wide range of fittings and connections for different media types (water, special water, non-burning, burning and high purity gases) and in many configurations.

If you are making installation in a traditional way by using Cu, SS, or PEX-pipes, then you can use BROEN-LAB UniFlex™ connections available in different sizes.

If you have an installation where several valves or outlets for the same media should be connected, if you face certain space limitations or have any other special applications, then we are able to offer many adaptors and fittings from the BROEN-LAB UniFlex™ range as well.
In order for you to create the best possible solution we always recommend to contact your BROEN-LAB representative who will be pleased to assist and guide you.


Download documents
99G0004 - General overview of UniFlex compression fittings
99G0008 - General overview of quick couplings
99G0022 - Inlet adaptors for special water fittings
BROEN UniFlex fittings complete overview