BROEN Lab Emergency Showers

BROEN-LAB - Laboratory Fittings and Emergency Shower Systems

BROEN-LAB solutions are used by professional users in many kinds of laboratories, from the education and health sectors to industry in general. BROEN-LAB’s products are already an integrated part of many workplaces. From fittings for purified water, nitrogen, vacuum and compressed air, to the control and regulation of pure gases in critical applications such as a gas chromatography and spectrometry.

BROEN-LAB has developed BROEN-LAB UniFlex – a solution package to fulfill the requirements of the ever changing and demanding laboratory environment. It provides unique flexibility for installers, OEM-customer as well as end-users. BROEN-LAB UniFlex is the right choice when there is need to adapt to external changes such as furniture design, trends, technical requirements, directives, etc.

BROEN-LAB is also a world leader in the supply of emergency showers, eye washers and safety equipment to professional laboratories, the education sector and industrial workplaces. Our complete solutions are designed and developed for dynamic workplaces, and the system is modular so that transport and installation are as simple as possible.


The LAB & Emergency Shower Systems business unit of BROEN A/S now becomes an independent firm and is registered as BROEN-LAB A/S. For more information please refer to documents below.


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BROEN-LAB becomes an independent firm
BROEN-LAB bliver selvstændig virksomhed
BROEN-LAB wird unabhängig
BROEN-LAB Terms of sale and delivery