Laboratory Fittings

BROEN-LAB fittings are innovatively designed to meet the requirements of the modern laboratory – with easy operation and configuration.

BROEN-LAB’s customer-driven approach – and particularly our focus on the laboratory market – has led to a product designed to meet the rapidly changing needs of laboratories.

From nature to knowledge
BROEN-LAB solutions are used by professional users in many kinds of laboratories, from the education and health sectors to industry in general. Our products are already an integrated part of many workplaces. From fittings for purified water, nitrogen, vacuum and compressed air, to the control and regulation of pure gases in critical applications such as a gas chromatography and spectrometry.

Developed for the modern laboratory
Our extensive knowledge allows us to continually develop and optimize our products so they meet customer needs and specifications.  Safety, functionality and quality are an integral part of the product’s design and flexibility. Our insight and understanding of working environments and safety in laboratories allow us to develop custom solutions for projects around the world. Use us to plan your project so we can advise you on laboratory layout and design.

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